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Sai Setters Services Private limited

Sai Setters Services Private limited which is a Business Process Outsourcing company was established in 1998. Earlier, it was known as a Global India Inc.
Nilesh Trivedi


A Dreamer, Author, Investor, Keen learner, Market Expert. A Business Process Management expert with an eye for finding possibilities in new adventures.

Archana Trivedi


An Operations Expert with a keen eye on innovations to deliver the perfect CX. Finding opportunity in challenges is her expertise.

Jessica Trivedi


A Technical expert with a penchant for continuous improvement. Anything which is mediocre has never impressed her.

Sai Setters Services Pvt. Ltd. was founded on the principle that the key to outsourcing successfully is to understand and share your partner’s expectations, goals, and ethics. Through these actions, we help our clients enhance their reputation, increase market share, save time and money, and generate greater revenues. Global India Inc can provide services in the following areas: Credit Card Collection, Payment Follow-up for Reliance Wireless and Customer Service for Broadband Reliance customer.

We started working for Hutchison Max Telecom in October 2001 for their Mobile bill collection for suspended and deactivated regular & corporate cases in Ahmedabad. We added Tata Teleservices Ltd. to our client list in September 2003 for collection of all buckets. We are also working with ICICI Credit Card Collection successfully, handling 5th bucket. We do collection for ICICI PL of 1st and 3rd bucket.

We worked for HDFC in August 2005 for their Credit Card collection, handling successfully 6th bucket and write-off cases. We also worked for Standard chartered Bank since 1998 to 2003 for Credit Card Collection of 150 bucket and handling their write-off cases. We did Credit Card Collection for Bank of Baroda from 2000 to 2004. We are working with Reliance Communications since May 2006 for Wireless & Broadband collection, handling 0 to 30 bucket of broadband and 0 to 30 for wireless. We also work for DCB PL collection since October 07 till date. handling current to 30 bucket.

We have started a call centre in March 2006 for Reliance Broadband and WLL customers with calling data and pick up facilities successfully.

Our Mission

To help various industries in reaching their maximum potential by providing high functioning services to reduce the debts.

Our Vision

Our vision incorporates the core values of perseverance, dedication and commitment.

Nilesh Trivedi


Great Attitude, Better Services


Sai Setters has been an industry leader providing top notch collection tele agent and field fulfilment services for over 20 years. We possess an insightful industry experience of over 20 years in the realm of debt collection, book keeping, background verification, retail leads and market research activity having served several national and multi-national organizations. Our commitment to providing quality and reliable service, and our persistent attempts to ensure customer-centric services has enabled us to carve a niche in this industry. Our team is made up of highly trained and certified professionals, researchers and agents who deliver results by conducting thorough investigations. We do not rely on database searches that can give inaccurate and outdated results, instead – we obtain live information and records from the respective location. From debt collection activity to any type of market research, we are 100% committed to providing each of our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information available so that you can make the best decision for their business.